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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Finally, José Castro's Dreams Come True

In a nail-biter of excruciating suspense, the results of Travel Industry Association/Harris Interactive survey are in, and, in a total upset:

San Francisco was named the top "gay-friendly" destination in a new survey of gay travelers conducted by the Travel Industry Association.

No one is more surprised by this result than the authors of this blog. Indeed, one of us has visited San Francisco on many occasions (heck, he even stayed at this lovely hotel on his honeymoon) and found it to be quite "hetero-friendly". We might go so far as to say that it's just plain friendly, with a beautiful setting and perfect climate, but we wouldn't want to seem sycophantic .

We're still a little confused as to how an American city won this award, considering that the US of A is a hotbed of intolerance. Happily, San Francisco beat dark-horse write-in candidate Mashhad, Iran, which didn't succeed in its quest to burnish its tourist credentials.

José Castro was the Mexican governor of Alta (and later Baja) California prior to the American annexation. San Francisco's Castro District and Castro Street are named after him. We are sure that this Mexican nationalist is just glad the place isn't crawling with Scandinavians anymore...


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